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What happens when you mix explosive energy and deep, experimental vibrations? One word; one woman; CANVAS. 

Birthed from bass, CANVAS creates musical experiences that blur genre lines and spawn a welcoming chaos. Her dedication to self-expression and passion for bass sounds are infectious, inviting, and unrelenting. Since 2013, she has been curating and spreading bass music around the world with performances across North America. 

Trained as a classical musician on euphonium, CANVAS utilizes her orchestral upbringing and love for diverse sounds to craft unique musical productions that transcend genre boundaries. Her sounds are bold, with lush, pulsing melodies and deep, dark, infectious bass lines - often tiptoeing on the fine line between sound and noise.

Her boundary-pushing sound design has landed her notable releases with leading underground bass labels (MalLabel Music, Street Ritual, The Untz, Wormhole Ent.), leading her to officially sign as an artist with Sub.mission.

Her production style and stage presence are a breath of fresh air, and something to simply be witnessed. It is no doubt that she is a rare talent, consistently delivering music that touches the body, mind, and soul for a transformative bass experience. 

Join CANVAS as she takes you on an unforgettable journey through low-frequency sound! 


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