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Escaping 2020 in the Key of the 90's

‘Roots’ is out now, everywhere!

 "We gettin’ down with the sound of the old school!"

Can you remember the first electronic song that got you hooked? I mean, the one that truly changed your perspective on music!? I do! It was 'Silicon Jesus [Break The Screen Mix]’ by Psykosonik. If you haven’t heard this - let me tell you, go listen to it now!

Released in 1993, it was edgy, so groovy, and the embodiment (in my opinion) of 90's rave culture in sound. It’s that same energy and touch of sound that I channeled into my new release ‘Roots’!

‘Roots’ pays homage to the culture, sounds, and synths that paved the way for much of the electronic music we rock to today. It was pure flow and fun harnessing this energy and re-envisioning it with a modern, bass-face inducing twist. It’s almost like a time machine giving you access to the past while experiencing in the present. 

I hope you beautiful humans enjoy this one and share the experience with your friends. Listen to the full track below!

I can’t wait to share the creations coming next.


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