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Introducing "Sketches"

A new way to experience sound!

More musically driven experiences!

Chasing a thought, capturing it, evolving its form; that's the creative process. Sometimes it's structured and rigid. Other times relaxed, flippant even. As artists, this process is our life form. To create is our raison d'etre, our greater purpose.

In pursuit of greater creative expression, I've developed a new concept. "Sketches". What are these? In short, brief audio-visual experiences. Each sketch features an unreleased musical idea that is self-contained yet not a full track. This idea is paired with a stimulating visual component (all curated by yours truly) to create a series of unique experiences that enhance and emphasize the essence of the sound idea. Some of these sketches may one day evolve into full tracks, others may exist only as a sketch and nothing more. The goal is to share more sounds and musically driven experiences with you.

You can experience the first few sketches here (more to be added soon)! Be sure to share your favorites with your community and to let me know how they make you feel!

As always, lots of love!


p.s. you can snag my entire discography on Bandcamp:


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