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'Tunnels' is out now via The Untz!

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Are you ready to fall into yourself?

"Deeper and deeper into the tunnel I fall."

Do you know what it feels like to get lost in sound? To escape the world around you? If you’re like me, you do. And if you’re like me, this is one of the reasons you love music. Sound gifts us the ability to take flight with our feet planted in the soil. To fall into the rabbit hole, with no fear of landing. To experience the infinite in the finite. Music is magic!

In my latest single ‘Tunnels' (from my new EP “Tunnel Vision”) I sought to chronicle the experience of falling into yourself. Escaping deep into your mind as though falling down a tunnel. “Deeper and deeper into the tunnel I fall…” echos as a reminder of the never-ending journey locked inside - the good, the bad, the untamed.  

Dive into ‘Tunnels’ and read the full write up over at The Untz today.

Here’s to discovering more of yourself through sound!


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