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This one right here is for the people!

"The vote is the most powerful nonviolent tool we have." ― John Lewis

"Can you see, my people? I hear my people."

Remember music festivals?! Those sweet moments of absolute freedom and unlimited sound! Can you think back to all of the beautiful strangers you met, danced with, and laughed with? To me, these memories are incredible reminders of how human we all are. Underneath all the labels, baggage, and skin, we are one people united.

For this release, dubbed 'My People', I focused on crafting something that reflects this idea of unity through diversity. The beat is aggressive and bold, yet melodic and familiar to the ear. And as always, its energy is reminiscent of many 90's hip hop icons (Missy Elliot holla) that influenced my sound!

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The song states: "Can you see, my people? I hear my people. Can you hear, my people? I see my people." These lyrics are a rallying cry reminding us that we the people have the power, but we must make our voices heard to enact change. For too long divisive rhetoric has dominated the airwaves intending to generate fear around what makes us different instead of highlighting how these differences make us stronger. Can you see that, my people? I know you hear it, my people.

So to encourage positive change and make our voices heard, I am gifting you this track for free if you've voted (or will vote) in the 2020 Presidential election. Full details are here - use the code Vote2020 to gain access!

As civil rights icon John Lewis (R.I.P.) once said: "The vote is the most powerful nonviolent tool we have."

Now, go listen to “My People” on your favorite platform, share the message with your community. More importantly, make your voice heard on November 3rd by VOTING (if you haven't already) and remember, it's our differences that make us stronger. Vote for unity.

DL & Stream on Spotify, Apple Music & Bandcamp:

Much love my people,



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