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No Signal: A 30 Minute Visual Mix Experience

“Can you hear my people? Can you see my people?”

A soundtrack for the people, by the people!

The world is on fire, and we all feel the heat from the flames. It’s incredible to think that we are living in the midst of some of the most historic times in our human history. A global pandemic rages on while we as a nation are taking to the streets, protesting police brutality, proclaiming that Black Lives Matter! 

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel a mix of emotions from day to day. Each waking, I navigate anger, rage, hope, pain, determination, fear, joy, etc. - all before my morning cup of coffee. Tensions are high and relief seems no where in sight. It’s moments like these where I turn to music for relief, for answers and for expression.

In my first ever visual mix, No Signal, I deliver 30 minutes of non stop sound. The power of protestors, determination of a generation, the anger and pain of my ancestors — all packed into one experience. The mix kicks off with my brand new, unreleased single "My People" - setting the tone for this unique ride.

Every great revolution deserves a soundtrack to match, a soundtrack for the people, by the people. We show no signs of slowing down our movement, we show no signals of compromise. No justice, no peace. 


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