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When was the last time you refreshed your playlist?

Discover new music with my "Underground Bass Sounds" playlist, exclusively on Spotify.

 I let my tape rock, 'till my tape pop!

Remember the days of mixtapes? As a kid, I used to spend hours in my room creating playlists and burning them to CDs for my friends. Every mood, every moment, every emotion, you name it, I had a mixtape for it. My love for crafting and emphasizing experiences through music has been a life long obsession and reminds me that each of us has a gift to bring to this world, so we must share it! 

In light of sharing, I’ve handcrafted a special playlist (more like a sonic ecosystem) on Spotify called "Underground Bass Sounds". It’s loaded with those underground, free-form bass vibes we crave and has some of my favorite tracks that I love playing live. Updated on a rolling weekly basis, the playlist always has some fresh heat. If you’re looking for new music, if you loving finding hidden gems, this playlist is for you! 

You can follow the playlist below so you never miss an update. Go ahead and throw it on, save your favorites and share it with your friends! Happy discovery!

p.s. I’m always open to suggestions, so drop me a message with a Spotify link and why you think the track is a good fit for the playlist. 

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